Renewable Energy


More and more of our energy comes from renewable clean energy sources like solar, hydro and geothermal. As technology to harness this energy has evolved, larger scale plants taking advantage of these natural resources have been created and with them, the need for performance and efficiency measurements. Rheonik meters play a big role in ensuring energy from renewable energy sources remains part of our day to day energy makeup.

  • Extremely high pressure ratings
  • Industry standard high ressure connections
  • Specialist materials of construction to combat embrittlement
  • High temperature ratings
  • Custody transfer accuracy
  • Compact pipe footprint
  • Liquid and gas measurement
  • Maintenance free
  • Intrinsically safe sensor suitable for zone 0
  • Resilient to external vibration
  • No moving parts
  • SAE 2601J Hydrogen dispensing
  • Solar panel oil circulation
  • Turbine lubricant monitoring