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We are constantly working to make our products as simple and user-friendly as possible. We also know that a little explanation makes getting started even easier.

The following video tutorials can help you to do the basics and initial settings quickly and easily by yourself. 

For the latest and best information specific to your Rheonik Coriolis Flow Meter, refer to the User Manuals. This information is specific to your sensor and transmitter and is based on the options and software version you have purchased. 

All relevant documents can be found at the Product taps "Downloads".


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Part 1 – Get started / Installation


QR Codes on RHM & RHE (Tutorial 1.0)

Part 2 – Operation & Basic Settings


HMI Button Functions (Tutorial 2.2/2.3)


Zero Point Calibration (Tutorial 2.4)


Change of Flow Direction (Tutorial 2.5)


Setting a Measurement Unit (Tutorial 2.6)


HMI Totalizer Reset (Tutorial 2.7)


Filter/Damping Setting (Tutorial 2.8)


Measuring Display, Lighting Configuration, Background Color (Tutorial 2.9)

Part 3 – Configuration / Test of Outputs, Inputs & Interfaces


Analog Outputs, 4 – 20 mA & Fire State Configuration (Tutorial 3.1)


Digital Outputs, Puse/Frequency Outputs Configuration (Tutorial 3.2)


Digital Outputs, #DO1/2/3/4 as Status Outputs (Tutorial 3.3)


Digital Inputs, #DI 1/2 (Tutorial 3.4)




Analog Input (Tutorial 3.5)


Modbus RS485 Interface (Tutorial 3.6)


Ethernet Interface (Tutorial 3.7)


Output Test Function (Tutorial 3.8)

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