RHE 42

Ex de Field Mount

With its advanced digital signal processing capability and in conjunction with our sensors, the RHE 42 can achieve an ultimate mass flow measurement uncertainty of 0.05 %, making it ideal for both filling and bottling or any kind of high accuracy/reliability plant flow or density measurement. Connectivity includes a full suite of communications buses including Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus TCP/IP. The RHE 42 is a well specified transmitter relevant for large scale plant and project opportunities.


  • Measures Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Density and Temperature
  • Outputs 2 x Analog, 2 x Frequency/Pulse, 2 x Digital Status
  • Inputs 2 x Digital
  • PC USB / RHECom, RS 485 / Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA
  • Optional Backlit Color LCD
  • Installation in Hazardous Area
  • Rheonik Assurance Factor®



Wiring diagrams

RHE 42 W-E_1H 
Standard One plus HART

RHE 42 W-E_B1 
Base Configuration - 2*DO, 2*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_EA 
TCP All  - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO, 2*DI, Modbus TCP / IPv4, HART +RS 485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_EB 
Base TCP Configuration - 2*DO, 2*DI, Modbus TCP / IPv4, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_F2 
Foundation Fieldbus FFH1 (FISCO), 1*4/20mA (is, p), 1*DO (is), RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_FF 
Foundation Fieldbus FFH1 (FISCO), RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_i1 
Standard One is - 1*4/20mA (is, p),  2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status - is), HART + RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_i2 
Standard Two is - 2*4/20mA (is, p), 1*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status - is), 1*DI (is), HART + RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_P2 
Profibus PA, 1*4/20mA (is, p), 1*DO (is), RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_PA 
Profibus PA, RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_S1 
Standard One - 1*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 1*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_S2 
Standard Two - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 2*DI, HART + RS485 (Modbus)

Configuration Software