RHE 42

Ex c Field Mount

With its advanced digital signal processing capability and in conjunction with our sensors, the RHE 42 can achieve an ultimate mass flow measurement uncertainty of 0.05 %, making it ideal for both filling and bottling or any kind of high accuracy/reliability plant flow or density measurement. Connectivity includes a full suite of communications buses including Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus TCP/IP. The RHE 42 is a well specified transmitter relevant for large scale plant and project opportunities.


  • Measures Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Density and Temperature
  • Outputs 2 x Analog, 2 x Frequency/Pulse, 2 x Digital Status
  • Inputs 2 x Digital
  • PC USB / RHECom, RS 485 / Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA
  • Optional Backlit Color LCD
  • Installation in Hazardous Area
  • Rheonik Assurance Factor®



Wiring diagrams

RHE 42 W-E_1H 
Standard One plus HART

RHE 42 W-E_B1 
Base Configuration - 2*DO, 2*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_EA 
TCP All  - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO, 2*DI, Modbus TCP / IPv4, HART +RS 485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_EB 
Base TCP Configuration - 2*DO, 2*DI, Modbus TCP / IPv4, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_F2 
Foundation Fieldbus FFH1 (FISCO), 1*4/20mA (is, p), 1*DO (is), RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_FF 
Foundation Fieldbus FFH1 (FISCO), RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_i1 
Standard One is - 1*4/20mA (is, p),  2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status - is), HART + RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_i2 
Standard Two is - 2*4/20mA (is, p), 1*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status - is), 1*DI (is), HART + RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_P2 
Profibus PA, 1*4/20mA (is, p), 1*DO (is), RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_PA 
Profibus PA, RS485 (Modbus - non is)

RHE 42 W-E_S1 
Standard One - 1*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 1*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 42 W-E_S2 
Standard Two - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 2*DI, HART + RS485 (Modbus)

Configuration Software