Whether in a test environment measuring fuel consumption, injector performance or coolant flow, in production dispensing fluids such as oil, coolant, transmission fluid (even wiper fluid), at the pump delivering fuel, or leading the way in high pressure hydrogen dispensing, Rheonik meters play a large role throughout the automotive industry. With a wide variety of meter sizes available and industry standard communications options, Rheonik supplies compact, cost effective, accurate and reliable flow solutions to all major automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and consumer fueling companies.



  • Underbody coating
  • Oil dispensing
  • Fueling
  • Spray paint automation
  • PU component manufacture
  • Fluids dispensing
  • Test cell flows
  • High pressure natural gas
  • Hydrogen fueling
  • Brake pad manufacture
  • A/C system filling (CO2)
  • Reliable and highly accurate mass flow measurement
  • Small pipeline footprint
  • Replaces less reliable volume based flow meters
  • Resilient to vibration – ideal for on vehicle mounting
  • 12 Vdc versions available
  • Maintenance free
  • Insensitive to fuel type – mass reading is always correct
  • Maintenance free, no drift, no moving parts
  • Highly repeatable
  • Frequency output mimics turbine and PD meter output
  • Excellent zero stability
  • High turn down
  • Extremely fast and highly accurate dosing cycles
  • Rheonik Assurance Factor© feature, comprising meter self diagnostics online at any time
  • For low flowrates very small footprint
  • Leight weight